Canfield Connector unveils initial product in new GatorMate solenoid connector line


Canfield Connector, Youngstown, Ohio, is launching its first product, a Deutsch-to-DIN electrical connector, under the new GatorMate brand.

Canfield-Connector-GatorMate solenoid connectorThe money-saving 5JD adapter mates Deutsch DT04-2P wiring with readily available DIN 43650 Form “A” interfaced solenoid coils.

“This connector enables manufacturers and processors to conveniently retrofit their Deutsch-wired applications with DIN coils, saving time and money,” said Todd Harmon, Canfield Connector vice president.

The new adapter also enables users to add options not available with Deutsch connector products, including surge suppression control, indicator lights and unlighted black or gray housings for “A” and B” solenoids.

The 5JD adapter should be attractive to most industries, including makers of mobile and hydraulic equipment for trucks and powered units like those on railroads.

“If you are in a breakdown situation with existing Deutsch wiring and replacements aren’t readily available, the adapter gives you the option to purchase a valve with a DIN interface, put it in place and not have to rewire the entire system,” Harmon said.

All standard voltages are available and the housing is IP67 environment rated.

The over-molded 5JD adapter is the first in a new line of connectors under the GatorMate brand. “It gives us the opportunity to tie a brand name to these exciting new products that we’re rolling out in the months ahead,” Harmon said.

Canfield Connector