Hydraulic accumulator system helps new blow molding facility

John Pezzi, V.P. Operations at Roth North America, explained, “The piston accumulator systems have allowed us to reduce the electrical load of our hydraulics by around 75%. This reduction covers the load from our pumps, motors, and heat exchangers. Cutting energy consumption to a minimum improves our environmental footprint and helps to conserve resources.”

The piston accumulators for machinery and systems come in sizes ranging from 0.026 gal. to 396 gal. Standard systems
are available with a maximum operating pressure of 5100 psi, while customized designs can handle up to 17500 psi with variable pre-load pressure.

Depending on their field of use, increases in capacity are possible by installing auxiliary gas bottles to be used with the piston accumulators. Even compact, large-scale systems with atotal volume of well over 26,400 gal. can be manufactured and supplied, ready for connection — by coupling together any number of piston accumulators and auxiliary gas bottles. The accumulator systems are suitable for use in temperatures ranging from 14 to 176 °F with versions available that can handle larger extremes: as low as –76 °F and as high as 392 °F. Roth designs fluid connections and sealing systems for the piston accumulators to order based on its customers’ requirements. It is not possible for any gas to escape suddenly on the fluid side.

With its large new blow molding plant, Roth now has five production sites located throughout the world that use blow molding processes to create plastic products. All of them are equipped with Roth Hydraulics piston accumulator systems.

Roth Hydraulics