June FPIC/NFPA Regional Conference goes live via zoom


The Thursday June 4, NFPA/FPIC Regional Conference on “Improving Fluid Power System Efficiency, Reliability and Durability with Precision Manufacturing” program will be a live webinar using Zoom due to the current COVID 19 pandemic. Like the in-person events, this meeting will provide in-depth technical presentations and opportunities for networking via chat rooms. A 10-minute break will follow the conclusion of each presentation, allowing people to hop off the webinar or connect with others in separate chat rooms.

FPIC NFPA logoTom Wanke, MSOE, will call the meeting to order, talk about the technology theme for the day’s session, and make some other important announcements. He will be followed by Eric Lanke, NFPA, who will lead a short online polling session to gather and display demographics, business outlooks, and interesting facts about our participants.

Technical presentations include:

8:30 – 9:20 AM – Bore Finishing Processes for Improved Hydraulic Component Performance, presented by Phil Hanna, Product Manager – Machines/Gages, Sunnen Products Co. Honing, lapping, and skiving/roller burnishing are all finishing processes for improving the bores of hydraulic components including valves and cylinders. Honing is a secondary machining process for finishing bores. Lapping as used in bore finishing produces a very close tolerance fit between a plunger and a valve body to reduce internal leakage. Skiving and roller burnishing is a two-part process using a single tool for quickly finishing the bore of tubing to achieve size and surface finish. This presentation will discuss each of these processes in detail, including features, benefits and applications where they are used.

9:30 – 10:20 AM, Technology Integration in Real Life Production Machining, John Belmonte, President, Mitotec Precision. This presentation is a real-life perspective on technology integration from a modern production machining supplier to the hydraulic industry. John will share some of Mitotec’s successful implementation of today’s advanced technology. Several aspects of machining components in a production environment will be discussed, including technology in production machining, modern inspection systems, real-time data collection & machine monitoring, as well as other processes that are utilized at Mitotec to produce components for the hydraulic and other industries. Along the way you will hear about how the human element along with the company culture play an integral part in the success of a contract machining operation today.

10:30 – 11:20 AM, Maximizing Manufacturing Productivity in the Information Age, Dan Skulan, General Manager, Industrial Metrology, Renishaw Inc. Manufacturers today are required to have greater throughput, more flexibility, higher quality, and innovative products in order to be competitive. But these goals need be achieved with less available skilled labor and at a lower cost – how can this be done? This presentation, with a concentration on machining operations, will provide practical guidance on how companies can increase throughput, quality, and productivity in manufacturing while also controlling costs. The stages of the Productive Process Pyramid will be discussed to identify areas where new techniques and technologies have been employed to improve overall productivity.

During the wrap-up and evaluation, Wanke will provide some summary comments on the morning, answer any remaining questions, and thank everyone for participating. Eric Lanke will then conduct a brief online evaluation poll to gather feedback on the success of this program and to collect ideas for future programs.

Register via zoom.

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